On 5/2/18 the @immortal4tress Twitter account posted our first task:

"The man dispatched to Earth and tasked with safeguarding the stone, knows not his own true name, nor of the land he once called home; Subjected to a spell, which, for a time, recast his mind, occluding his true self, lest he be too easy to find." - @Immortal4tress, 5/2 @ 4:00PM
This let us know that we were looking for someone here on Earth who didn't know he was the subject of our quest.

Clues on Twitter Edit

On 5/3/18 we received two clues through Twitter pointing us towards our target, first a riddle:

"A scroll’s arrived by courier, signed with Elminster’s mark: “The wielder shares a name with Earth’s first man. His surname safeguards even idle hands." - @Immortal4tress, 5/3 @ 1:52PM
Once this was solved a second clue was released:
“Wondrous items, where do we begin? An even greater wonder lurks within:
Ersatz Eye
Orb of Time
Gem of Seeing
Spell Gem
Veteran's Cane
Alchemy Jug
Eagle Whistle
Robe of Eyes
_Talking Doll
Sending Stones
Rope of Mending
Voodoo Doll
Lock of Trickery" - @Immortal4tress, 5/3 @ 2:57PM

Solution Edit

The first riddle was fairly straight forward: Earths first man, biblically, was Adam. Something that safeguards even idle hands are gloves, giving us the full name:

Adam Glover

The second clue, being a list of items with a suspicious underscore leading one of the items, was quickly discovered to be an anagram using the first letter from each item, likely of two words with the underscore maybe indicating a space. The big question was if the T from "_Talking Doll" should have been included or just the underscore, ultimately it was required. Taking the first letter of each item we get the string:


Given the previous surname Glover quickly jumped out ultimately resolving to:


This turned out to point to a twitter user: @Glovers_Travels