On 5/26, the Immortal Fortrtess twitter posted the following text and image...

This image and this clue arrived today: "The answers to this portion of your quest come from a set of words you'll recognize. It will forever be your cross to bear to find the perfect way to say goodbye." - @immortal4tress, 5/26 @ 12:39PM

Volo's Twitter account posted a clue later in the day...
Do you all ever lose your dice bags? I made one before my memory was altered, and I just can't find it... - @Glovers_Travels, 5/25 @ 6:09PM

Solution Edit

Volo's clue redirected eyes to the Instagram images that have been used for a few other puzzles, specifically the first image where he was knitting a dice bag.

One of the subsequent Instagram images was of a word cloud, an image that - as per the original tweet by Immortal Fortress - is definitely "recognizable"...


Using these words to fill in the crossword, as such...

Crossword Complete

Taking all the letters at the intersections - AATMSRE - you have an anagram of the word "AMARAST", which according to the common dictionary of the Forgotten Realms is:

Amarast (pronounced: /ɑːmɑːˈrɑːst/ ah-mah-RAST) "Fare well until next we meet!". A common farewell among the sailors of the South.
...and the answer, which is the Verbal component of the spell needed to send Volo home.